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Don't let impersonal emails stand between you and the clients who desperately need your life-changing guidance.

Your clients are longing for the support and expertise that only you can provide to help them conquer their challenges and reach their dreams.

You have a wealth of knowledge and a growing email list, but you're not seeing the influx of clients and income you anticipated.

Are you harnessing the power of your list with these email automations that can bring in a steady stream of clients while you focus on transforming lives?

Welcome sequence: Establishes a positive first impression, sets the tone for future communication, and begins to build trust with new subscribers.

Nurture sequence: Strengthens the relationship by consistently providing value, demonstrating expertise, and showcasing the coach's genuine interest in helping the audience succeed.

Launch Sequence: Creates excitement and anticipation around new offerings, allowing the audience to see how the coach's products or services can address their specific needs and improve their lives.

Post-purchase sequence: Enhances the customer experience by offering support, guidance, and resources, which helps to deepen the relationship and fosters loyalty to the coach's brand.

Re-engagement sequence: Rekindles interest in the coach's offerings and re-establishes the connection with subscribers who may have become disengaged or inactive.

Educational sequence: Positions the coach as a knowledgeable and reliable source of information, helping the audience see the value in the coach's expertise and building trust in their guidance.

Content upgrades sequence: Demonstrates a deep understanding of the audience's needs and interests, providing targeted and relevant resources that strengthen the connection with subscribers.

Webinar or event sequence: Offers opportunities for real-time interaction and engagement, allowing the audience to connect with the coach on a more personal level and experience their expertise firsthand.

Testimonial or case study sequence: Builds credibility and social proof, showcasing the success of the coach's methods and reinforcing the audience's belief in their ability to help them achieve similar results.

Challenge or mini-course sequence: Engages the audience in an interactive and goal-oriented experience, helping them achieve tangible results while reinforcing the value of the coach's guidance and expertise.

Cross-promotion sequence: Expands the audience's awareness of complementary resources and introduces them to other trusted experts, positioning the coach as part of a larger network of valuable resources.

Stop losing your revenue generating leads to your competitors.

Get your Data-Driven Idea based Email Marketing Strategies and Copy and turn your marketing campaigns recurring money generating engines.

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